An introduction to Romanticism for Extension 1 students.



* Creative Writing  [Click on the Ext 1 page]


As most of our set texts are poems, I would avoid using another poem as a related text.

1. Use an ARTWORK from this era. Choose one from the selection in the next column


2. You could also use one of these images as a stimulus for your creative writing

[ These two ideas were presesnted by Ms K Stapleton at a recent workshop on this elective]


* Analysing a painting


Related Texts Prose.docx

* letters of william Blake mbp.pdf

* Literature of the Romantic Era.docx

* FilmBrightStar.pdf

* Bright Star-Discussion


Sturm und Drang


* 1. Romanticism in France.mp3

* The Impact of Napoleon; Romanticism.mp3



* Romanticism in Spain.mp3


 * American Writers of The Romantic Era

* Thomas Paine

* Ralph Waldo Emerson.mp3

* Emerson & Waldo Essay-Podcasts


Worshipping Walt


Dickinson- her poetry is Romantic is is is unique


The following may be more useful for Adv English "Belonging"

 * " A Room of One's Own"


* A Detailed Introduction


* ETA Resources


* ABC Bookshow


* ABC-Science & Dickinson


* The following is an extract from a great text on Dickinson...available school library;

Paula Bennett.pdf



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Revisiting the Rubric in relation to the set texts .docx

* Notes from the marking centre 2008

* Notes from the marking centre 2009.doc

* Assessment Task 1 Essay 2010.docx

* The interplay between the imagination and experience.docx


* HSC 2009 Ext 1.pdf

* Catholic Trial 2009 Ex 1.pdf

* State Trial 2009 Ext 1.pdf

* HSC 2010 Ext 1 .pdf

* Catholic Trial 2010 Ex 1.pdf

* State Trial 2010 Exten 1.pdf

* This book contains a wide rang of prose and poetry from the Romantic Era. {Available in the school library} Romanticism-Edited by Duncan Wu


How Britain Narrowly Missed a Revolution

* The following book on Romanticism is excellent. It was wriiten by someone who teaches and lectures on this elective.
Exploring Genre: Romanticism Barbara Stanners

* The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science, {Available in the school library}

* Interview with the author of "The Age of Wonder"

* Analysing an Artwork

* Romanticism.pptx

* UK Guardian Series on The Romantics

* Peter Ackroyd--"The Romantics [Available in the school library-3 part series]. See the following introductory clip




The late 17th & 18th Century is given different titles; The Enlightenment, The Neoclassical Era, The Augustan Era, The Age of Reason. To avoid confusion I am going to use the terms The Neoclassical Era / Neoclassicism

* The Neoclassical Heroic Couplet

* * Wordling Neoclassicism

* Introduction to Neoclassicism 1

* Introduction to Neoclassicism 2

* Some Characteristics of the Neoclassical Era

In a powerful contrast, the critic Abrams showed that until the Romantics, literature was usually understood as a mirror, reflecting the real world, in some kind of mimesis; but for the Romantics, writing was more like a lamp: the light of the writer's inner soul spilled out to illuminate the world.

*. "Wordling" Romanticism

* Timeline-Romanticism

*. Romantic Poetry 2.doc

*. Introduction to Romanticism-Open University UK

* Aspects of Romanticism

*. Introduction to Gothic Fiction

* Dark Romanticism

*.The Sublime.docx

* Romantic Circles

* Variations on a Theme



Text 1. This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison

A. stanners Lime tree.pdf

B.This lime-tree bower my prison.pptx

C. Annotations This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison.docx

D. This Limetree Bower and Frost....doc

E This Limetree critic.pdf

Text 2 Frost at Midnight

* Annotations Frost at Midnight.docx

* ETA Article on Coleridge

Text 3 The Rime of The Ancient Mariner

* Characteristics of a ballad.docx

* Poem and Notes on The Rime.docx

* Rime of the Ancient Mariner.pptx

* Snow and ice in literature.mp3

* Forbidden Fire Prometheus Frankenstein The Mariner.docx

Text 4 Kubla Khan

* Kubla Khan

* A comparison between The Waste Land and Kubla Khan

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”

* Website on John Keats

* la Belle Dame Sans Merci-introduction

* Bright Star-introduction

* Wuthering Heights Website

* Romanticism & Wuthering Heights

* The Narrative Techniques In Wuthering Heights

* The Law of the moors_2000.pdf

* Ellen_Dean_as_villain.pdf



* Why Dorothy Wordsworth is Not as Famous as her Brother

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Art Gallery NSW



* Before we go on this excursion next week, make sure you read the notes below and listen to the curator's introduction. We will also get a guided tour of other Romantic artworks

* Excursion Romanticism Exhibition notes.pdf

* Listen to the curator's introduction

[Choose the download option-it is very brief]


* Become a Member of State Library

* Visiting The State Library.doc

* Macquarie University Library
Search the online catalogue for resources & analysis of both your set texts and related texts. As an OLMC student you can become a member...OLMC ID

* Become an online member of the National Library of Australia
Gain access to ;

1.  Ebsco


3. Project Muse

4.  Literature Resource Centre

among other fantastic electronic journals. Find sophisticated analysis of your set/related texts and underpin your point of view with suitable quotes from these scholars





* Podcasts Re The Enlightenment from BBC Radio 4

* Podcasts Re Romanticism From BBC Radio 4

* Podcasts Romanticism Open University


* Mary Wollenstonecraft


* Possession Byatt


* BBC on Byatt


* Who Wrote Frankenstein

* The Young Romantics-Radio National


      “ Students… also consider why and by whom those texts are valued today.”

[ Rubric ]


* The Legacy of Romanticism


* Neo Romanticism


* British Neo Romanticism


* The Relevance of Goethe Today


* The Rebirth of Nature


* The Romantic movement and Rock music.mp3


* "Nature Writing'-Australia



 * Australian Gothic

* Have a look at original texts online including some of Blake's notebooks 


British Library Virtual Books

* Synesthesia.mp3

* Ancient Greek Philosophy



An Introduction To Philosophy

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